Monday, January 2, 2012


Watched Midnight in Paris with friends tonight... 

I slowly realize that the cameos of Stein, Lautrec, Man Ray, et al. mean nothing to them. I feel uncomfortable, and am disappointed to realize that these figures, who I thought had changed the very fabric of Western life, are now only important to dilettantes and artists.


Simultaneously, I realize that I'm eating right out of Woody Allen's hand. His movie is made for smug elitists like me. It is crafted like a pop quiz: How many of these historical figures do you recognize? Any number above 5 means that you really are cultured! It's designed to give us a sense of proprietorship over the art, not to have us experience it in the raw and heady way in which it was being created in the era in question.

So, which realization is worse...

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